HOW TO: Connect ZOOM to KHCONF via Live Streaming

The instruction manual to connect Zoom to KHConf is little difficult to read, a good YouTube video is much better! I have put some work into a video for anyone searching for a simpler instructions to connect the two services.

Connecting your Zoom meeting to the KHConf phone and video service

Connect your Zoom meeting to KHConf in a few easy steps

This basically leverages the RTMP support of KHConf. Typically you would use these to connect OBS Studio to KHConf, but in our scenario, we want to connect the Zoom application instead.

If you’re wondering, my accent is Brummie. The Brummie accent is often confused with the dialect of people from the Black Country.

Please, if you have any questions, or if I can help you with your connection to KHConf, do get in touch!

Zoom jigsaw with missing piece

What is KHConf?

KHCONF is a specialized Internet-based audio and video streaming service. It is used around the world to assist elderly, infirm and unwell friends so that they can enjoy meetings they would be unable to attend in person.

Posted by: Ian Brown
Ian is a Technical Lead for Iress, a global financial software leader. He is passionate about front end web development, enjoys coding in JavaScript & TypeScript and has the goal to make the web more accessible for those that are impaired visually or otherwise.

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8 thoughts on “HOW TO: Connect ZOOM to KHCONF via Live Streaming”

  1. Ian,

    This video was very helpful!
    We’ve been Live Streaming our meetings since April. However, this past Sunday, the Live Streaming (Via CONF Video Player) stopped working!

    We started to Live Stream as we normally do but, it didn’t stream the meeting.

    This evening I tried looking at the configuration and couldn’t find anything wrong.

    I created a New Live Streaming URL thinking that this might be the issue. Still didn’t work!

    I found your you-tube video (very helpful) I wanted to see if perhaps I missed a step! I followed to same step you did but
    the stared the meeting and clicked to start the Live Stream, the WINDOW DID NOT OPEN for me to enter the streaming infomation.

    Any idea???

    1. Hi Kevin,

      Just to confirm, we are talking about live streaming from Zoom to KHConf?

      Could you try reseting the account settings? To do this follow the following instructions:

      • Go to the Zoom website at
      • Login as the account that hosts the meeting
      • Click the settings menu item on the left side of the screen
      • Click “In meeting advanced” link and scroll down to “Allow live streaming meetings”
      • On the right hand side of “Allow live streaming meetings” click the “Reset” link
      • Start a meeting and confirm the new settings (the live option to stream on a “Custom Live Streaming Service” should be gone)
      • Now log back into and follow the instructions in my video to set it all back up again

      I hope that helps you reconnect Zoom to KHConf for your meetings. Take care and stay safe! Ian.

  2. Please, is this procedure above still working? On zoom website, the settings for live- streaming has been removed. Any hope for us? And is it possible for a discussion to take place via Khconf / zoom? I mean can participants using Khconf make contributions during the zoom meeting? Apart from saving data, what other advantage does khconf have over zoom? (Reply via my email address

    1. As far as I know, these instructions are still working as intended.

      The Zoom live stream is one way, khconf users cannot respond.

  3. Hi Ian, we are trying to set this up on our Mac book but the issue we are having is the microphone is open even when zoom is muted so the people on KH conf can hear all background noise like if our dog barks ect. Is it supposed to be that way or are we missing something in the set up? Thanks for your help.

    1. Try upgrading your Zoom version to latest. Live streaming should only send the Zoom audio/video, so this sounds like an issue with Zoom software, not your Mac.

  4. Is there a way to access/install the OBS Virtual Camera plug-in into KHConf to allow Zoom to access the KHConf output as a camera/video source.

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