HOW TO: Connect ZOOM to KHCONF via Live Streaming

The instruction manual to connect Zoom to KHConf is little difficult to read, a good YouTube video is much better! I have put some work into a video for anyone searching for a simpler instructions to connect the two services.

Connecting your Zoom meeting to the KHConf phone and video service

Connect your Zoom meeting to KHConf in a few easy steps

This basically leverages the RTMP support of KHConf. Typically you would use these to connect OBS Studio to KHConf, but in our scenario, we want to connect the Zoom application instead.

If you’re wondering, my accent is Brummie. The Brummie accent is often confused with the dialect of people from the Black Country.

Please, if you have any questions, or if I can help you with your connection to KHConf, do get in touch!

Zoom jigsaw with missing piece

What is KHConf? KHCONF is a specialized Internet-based audio and video streaming service. It is used around the world to assist elderly, infirm and ill friends to enjoy meetings they are unable to attend in person.

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