Are the Porik SP11 (PSP-11) sockets compatible with Home Assistant/Tuya?

Short answer: Yes!

The Porik SP11’s are power monitoring WiFi smart plug sockets that are under €10 each when bought in a pack of 4 from Amazon. But the big question I had was, are they compatible with Home Assistant? As I couldn’t find anything on the internet, I’ll give the details here.

Porik SP11 power socket with WiFi and power monitoring

Step 1: Use Tuya

Instead of using the recommended app (Osais), use the Tuya Smart app for Android (or iOS). The recommended app is just a clone of Tuya app by the looks of it anyway.

Step 2: Integrate with Home Assistant

User the handy Home Assistant Tuya guide to get setup with your new power monitoring Porik SP11 WiFi sockets.

Rear view of the Porik SP11 (marked here as PSP11)

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