BuildKite and Nightwatch.js: Error reporting in build log

At Iress we use BuildKite for our CI delivery pipeline. It allows us to thoroughly test code before delivery to pre-production environments. Part of our test suite includes user interface and integration tests using Nightwatch. We have even extended Nightwatch tests to report on potential accessibility issues to improve UI quality for our visually impaired users.

I’m happy to have had some of my work included into the v1.3.3 release of Nightwatch.js which enables the reporting of errors from Nightwatch tests in the BuildKite build log. I am proud to be able to contribute back to the open source community.

Nightwatch.js run errors reported on a failed BuildKite build

Setup is easy, use the BuildKite JUnit Annotate plugin. Point it at the XML report output directory from the Nightwatch test runner and all should work out of the box.

Nightwatch.js Release v1.3.3

Nightwatch.js open source contribution by Birmingham based Web Developer @zymotik

Posted by: Ian Brown
Ian is a Technical Lead for Iress, a global financial software leader. He is passionate about front end web development, enjoys coding in JavaScript & TypeScript and has the goal to make the web more accessible for those that are impaired visually or otherwise.

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