How to: Add extra disk space to Plesk on Amazon AWS

It was surprisingly easy to add extra hard drive space to Plesk Obsidian even though it’s a virtual machine on Amazon’s AWS infrastructure. The underlying Linux disk drive space automatically extended once restarted. Unfortunately, you will need to restart the instance during this process.

Please note: I recommend you backup everything before you continue, just-in-case. Also note, this is not easily reversible, so consider the effect of increasing the disk size on your future snapshots/backups of the EBS volume. It will increase your monthly costs for storage.

Step 1: Add more space to the AWS Virtual Machine EBS volume

  1. Login to your AWS console.
  2. Navigate to you EC2 instance list.
  3. Stop (not terminate) your Plesk instance. Wait for it to finish.
  4. Navigate to Volumes.
  5. Right click the volume associated with the Plesk EC2 instance and select modify.
  6. Modify the size value, adding more to the number as desired. Click Modify to save. The drive has now been extended, with more space available to the EC2 instance.
  7. Navigate back to “Instances” and start your Plesk EC2 instance.

Step 2: Update the Plesk console so that the drive space alerts stop

  1. Login to your Plesk console as administrator.
  2. Click Extensions, My Extensions and click open on “Grafana”.
  3. Status will have an error, click update.
  4. Navigate to “Advanced Monitoring” in the Plesk main menu.
  5. On the disk tab, confirm your new disk space is shown in the first graph. If there is an error, wait a minute then refresh the page. Second time was the charm for me.

You are done!

Posted by: Ian Brown
Ian is a Technical Lead for Iress, a global financial software leader. He is passionate about front end web development, enjoys coding in JavaScript & TypeScript and has the goal to make the web more accessible for those that are impaired visually or otherwise.

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