Connect Zoom to KHConf via Twilio

This is a proof of concept/spike I have been working to make the process of connecting Zoom to KHConf automated. My idea is to have this running as an AWS Lambda for easy deployment and use a schedule to get the service connected behind the scenes automatically.

Benefits of using this integration of Zoom and KHConf are

  • KHConf users can also be added to breakout rooms and listen in
  • There is no “Live streaming to custom service” message on Zoom clients screens
  • No need for the Zoom meeting host to remember to connect the live streaming service


As Zoom charges for a SIP connector, we have to use a traditional phone line so the fees are higher than I would like. I decided to use Twilio as the service provider in the middle as they had a well documented API. It didn’t take much time to create a solution in TypeScript using their NodeJs library.

Find the Zoom to KHConf project hosted on GitHub here:

Posted by: Ian Brown
Ian is a Technical Lead for Iress, a global financial software leader. He is passionate about front end web development, enjoys coding in JavaScript & TypeScript and has the goal to make the web more accessible for those that are impaired visually or otherwise.

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