Thai tone cheat sheet!

I keep having to go over to’s thai tone rules page as I’m trying to work out the tones for some Thai I’m trying to read. They have a great table that really helps work out how the tone marks affect the tone of the Thai letter it appears with. Their table is looking a little tired, so I’ve thrown it into Adobe InDesign to get the layout better for print. I hope it helps with your learning Thai too. It’s a pretty sharp learning curve with all the tones, but it is really worth the effort if you want to pronounce things correctly and be understood by other Thai speakers.

If you prefer a flow based approach, Wikipedia has a great Thai flow chart diagram I’ll post below this table.

thai tone cheat sheet high middle low class characters
Thai tone cheat sheet download including Thai high, middle and low class characters

Flow chart approach

This is the same data as the above table, but in a flow chart approach. Created by Clorox for Wikipedia:

Thai tones rules flowchart
Thai tone rules, flow chart method by Clorox
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